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Sunday, March 16, 2008 

Things I Learned Last Week, On The Periphery

One thing is certain, you can’t pick your relatives.

The whole wages of sin thingy, really isn’t all that well understood by Americanized Christianity.

I was previously unaware of how much of an offense it is being called a sinner to those outside the faith. Even the first line of Amazing Grace, which states “that saved a wretch like me” is enough to hurt somebody's feelings.

I was previously unaware that there is a difference between Wicca and witches (hey, hey, hey, not my side of the family).

Witches do not seem to be the happiest bunch of folks, really.

I think witches like to shop at Hot Topic. The Goth look might come across as sorta cool on a teenager, but on middle aged women, it just looks sad.

Witches say they can perform magic, but if you lose your composure after toning your sarcasm down to almost nothing for six days straight, and if you ask for a card trick or two, they become really less than pleasant and will want you removed from any scheduled festivities. Go figure…

On the brighter side, I love my family more than I’m capable of properly communicating. They adopted me long ago for reasons that I cant seem to understand. They kept telling me that there was no way they could thank me for being there for them. I kept saying the debt on my part was far from being paid. Eventually I had to say that the love we have for each other would not allow debts. We do for each other because that is what we do.

I started missing them as soon as I climbed into my truck to go home to be with my missus who I also missed more than words could express.

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you gals need to lighten your happy selves up. remember, you swung first sweetie...

Anon #2, I do have something in the que about your Uncle, but I'm going to ask his wife for permission before I put it up.

I know all I need to know of your uncle, he was kind and he took care of my oldest dearest friend. Even if I despised him and knew nothing else about Les, I would still love him as a dear friend as he cared for my friend for over twenty-five years.

the things that were said to me under certainly a difficult situation show either lack of love for anyone or complete selfishness.

Anon #2, for the record, you were the only one with a single kind word as far as I could tell. You were kind to both me and my dear friend and for that I thank you.

However, there were others who were hateful and mean who made accusations the were so far over the top that I would imagine even a witch would be ashamed.

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