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Sunday, March 02, 2008 

Another Soul Winning Church?

The picture in this post is of a little country church that I pass by on the way home every night. Last week they put the following message up on their roadside board; Don’t be God’s weakest link. I wonder if the LCMS Commission on Worship would like to interview them to see what visible signs they have nailed down to insure that they will not be God’s weakest link. Sure they aren’t Lutheran (they are nondenominational Church of God of Prophesy) but heck, why should that matter? I mean, to make sure we are doing things the right way we are inviting people that admit that they don’t even like church to help us with church. We (LCMS types) are especially worried about the retention of youth to the point where we try to emulate the culture so as to be relevant with the little ragamuffins. Not sure what I’m talking about with the whole soul winning thingy? Go here for a refresher.

you should stop in, see for yourself, and report back how we can win souls.

Perhaps they have a bingo game?

Anon, I'm pretty sure nobody wants that.
Herr Waters, trust me, there's no bingo going on there.

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