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Sunday, March 16, 2008 

Infestation Problems

Hey all! Just so everyone is aware, I needed to turn on comment moderation due to a witch infestation problem after today’s snide comments from the last post. No, really, witches, I wouldn’t kid ya. They just ain't happy...

I guess this means that I going to lose my non-bombastic status, eh Dan@NR? Darn, I was doing so good...

The only people that have ever had their comments deleted on this blog are those who denied Christ. In that respect, nothing has changed.

Just because comment moderation is turned on doesn’t mean that the comments aren’t being logged.

If anyone wishes to have a discussion with me on the nature of who a Christian considers family, and if you can do it without the hateful and venomous language that I’ve seen in the last day, my email is at the end of my blogroll. I’ll be more than happy to chat once you’ve calmed down and start acting like a reasonable adult.

And finally, I just don’t sense the happy…

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