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Tuesday, March 25, 2008 

More Issues, Etc. Sausage

It’s becoming increasingly difficult even attempting to keep up with all the great posts (and still hold down full time employmement) surrounding the Issues, Etc. debacle but here’s some of the good stuff:

Pastor Cwrila has taken le resistance underground in Rev. Cwirla's Blogosphere (Underground).

Pastor Wheedon is keeping on top of the situation over at his self titled blog and asking folks to voice what they think should be done.

Pastor Asburry has two more good posts up, the first asking for answers on the why of the situation (something I doubt synodocrats are going to want to give answers for) and the second, a post listing a series of open letters to the synodocrats.

Finally, Chris Rosenberg has a great post which reprints his letter asking synodocrats the question “Is the LCMS Being "Transitioned" into a Seeker-Sensitive Denomination?” Good stuff from someone who doesn’t have his pension or livelihood tied to a burocracy that must be made to give an account of what transpired and why.


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