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Thursday, March 27, 2008 

Explanation of Issues, Etc. Debacle Shifts

The official KFUO-AM statement about Issues, Etc. has changed:

For programmatic and stewardship reasons, the decision was made to discontinue the "Issues, Etc." program on KFUO-AM. We look forward to bringing you new programming in this time slot in the near future. Also, we thank "Issues" host Rev. Todd Wilken and producer Mr. Jeff Schwarz for their years of service on behalf of the station. Those interested may still download past "Issues, Etc." programs from the "Issues" archive on this website. Thank you sincerely for your continued support of KFUO's radio ministry.

I know I’m a day late on this one but… isn’t it interesting that Issues, Etc. went from being canceled for business reasons to being canceled for stewardship reasons? Usually, when an explanation needs to be modified after the fact, someone has not exactly been truthful. I’d be willing to bet that this explanation will be “reworded” a couple more times before it’s over.


Last week I said in an email to both David Strand and President Kieschnick that the statement on KFUO's website was nothing less than a lie precisely because the decision made no "business" sense. It only makes business sense if Issues Etc. is less profitable than other KFUO-AM programs, or if there is a reasonable expectation that the replacement will be MORE profitable. Given the fact that there is STILL no replacement, the decision that "was made" makes NO business sense. Period.

But stewardship encompasses more than mere money. It also involves an element of purpose and mission. Theoretically Rush Limbaugh or Chuck Swindoll could make more money for the station than Todd Wilken, but putting them in the 3-6 p.m. time slot would be bad stewardship because they are incompatible with the specifically Christian and Lutheran mission of the station.

It is KFUO's mission to provide a specifically Christian and Lutheran witness to the world, is it not?

"It is KFUO's mission to provide a specifically Christian and Lutheran witness to the world, is it not?"

Uh, yeah, at least that's what I used to think...

Eric, given the facts that David Strand refuses to acknowledge, I'm still at a loss here. I saw over at Cwirla's site that Issues, Etc. represented 97% of all downloaded show content for all of KFUO. This isnt about business, money or stewardship. If that were the case, we would have seen in Strand's letter current data, .wav, and iTunes download data. Instead he trys to say that only 1600 people listen to the show. A lie, plain and simple.

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