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Monday, March 24, 2008 

Taking Issue With The Cancellation Of Issues, Etc.

In an email sent out via the Wittenberg Trail, Dr. Gene E. Veith writes on the matter of Issues, Etc. being canceled;

I was #1,999 to sign that petition and the number keeps going up. Now I'm reading about a protest march at the Purple Palace!
You know, the good thing about this is that now the laypeople are rising up in arms. Before, a number of pastors were concerned about what has been going on in our synod, but the average lay folks were pretty oblivious. Take away one of their beloved radio programs, though, and the masses rise up!
Recall that it was when the laypeople woke up to the problem of liberal theology being taught in our seminary that changed things back in the 1970's.
Maybe this could become a catalyst for Reformation.

Personally, I’m at a loss as to how any of us are to proceed in this matter. All I do know is that my hit counter is clicking away at a faster rate than the first time Pastor Todd Wilken, the recently fired host of Issues, Etc., first linked to my site from his blog a couple of years back. The picture in the post is of my little hit counter getting a serious workout from all the people looking for information on a very popular radio program. I’m used to fifty or so hits a day, but two to three hundred visitors is simply unheard of!

With that I can say unequivocally that folks are fired up over what is clearly a shot across the bow of confessional Lutheranism. If these firings are allowed to stand with no response, the question we will all need to ask is “who is next?” How we handle it responsibly and in a manner that is beneficial as we move forward is anybody’s guess. For once, I’m at a loss for what to say.

I do know that if people who care about this try to handle it in the same manner that the whole Yankee Stadium incident was handled, the battle will already be lost. Name calling and charges of being a bunch of liberals should never again replace serious debates and apologetics. The neo-reformation that Dr. Veith hopes for will only happen if we stand our ground by arguing the issues with Scripture and the confessions. Dr. Luther knew this and we would be wise to follow his example.

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Hi, Frank. Nice blog.

I joined the LCMS shortly after the Yankee stadium thing, and wasn't sure of the specifics at the time, (and I never did follow it up, I just left the mess to others. It was confusing.)

But now that I have been in for five years, I can tell there are problems. However people handle this, I think they should voice their opinions. And change should happen. But I wouldn't even try to change the minds of some of the people in charge, I think we should be pro-active and just do what needs to happen.

My personality is so FAR different from the usual "Lutheran" way, it's hard for me to give the best advice. I hope and pray for the best, and support others in bringing about some change.

Lutheran Lucciola, the question for me is really how DO we be proactive... I just dont know a good way to deal with this in a way that is both positve and that will produce a good outcome.

I do think we should speak out but I'm not sure we can do that with a clear on the topic message. There seem to be too many issues on the table for our beloved synod.

Thank you for the compliment!

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