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Tuesday, March 18, 2008 

Meet The Peepsmaster

After our Sunday night study on Calvinism and it’s tenets, arguably the biggest influence on Americanized Christianity, we took a break and the kids ate what else? Why, pizza of course of course. Then came the games!

Then began our peeps themed Olympics with cool sports competitions like “Chubby Bunny”, the peep flick, and the highlight of night, peeps jousting in the microwave. Yes the microwave!

We even had an adult entry into the jousting event with what can only be described as the “Peep of Doom”. While said peep didn’t live up to its much-heralded reputation, fun ensued and was had by all.

And the winner of all three events was, drum roll please, Ben: this year's Peepsmaster extraordinaire. Congratulations Ben on your hard fought victory, we salute you fine sir!

Calvinism and Peeps, oh yeah!


Irresistable Grace = man that peep is yummy! :)

Hahaha.... I want all the details on this peep event, it sounds worth doing!

Kelly, Do you guys celebrate Easter in Canada? Normally, here in America, the Peeps are released around Easter. Peeps are obviously necessary for the Peeps Olympics. (hehehe)

Kelly, I'm asked a couple of the kids to answer your question, give them a day or so...

We discussed Calvinism, one of our discussion ideas in the Branches of Christianity we are talking about in Sunday night Bible Study. That wasnt the main event. We blew up, almost gagged on and flicked Peeps. I failed at "chubby bunny" b/c i kept laughing, and I have a tendency to gag quickly. The same happened with flicking Peeps in the church yard. Jousting in the microwave had to have been the funnest part. Sticking toothpicks in the little duckies and then watching them inflate and fuse together. We soon discovered how good melted Peeps tasted.


Nathanial forgot to explain that the object of Chubby Bunny is to see how many peeps one can fit into their mouth and still say Chubby Bunny.

I had told them that the record was 32 peeps. By the time they got to eight, they had figured out that I, well, exaggerated a little bit.

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