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Sunday, March 09, 2008 

A Quick Update

My dear friend Anne and I were able to take some time this morning and do a short devotion. I had asked her the Saturday night if she would object to Matins and she thought that it would be nice. It’s too bad that I couldn’t find my stupid hymnal. I normally keep one in my truck just for giggles but when I went out there it was nowhere to be found.

So I just ended up putting something together out of the Pastoral Care Companion that I’d been using since I’d arrived. She added two or three Psalms after I was finished with my bit and I found a little peace hearing the Word on the Lord’s Day. With all that was going on, being mobbed by well intentioned people who would just want to wish the family well just wasn’t something to look forward to. A Matins-lite devotion just hit the spot.

Regarding the Pastoral Care Companion , what a terrific resource that little book is. I had used it when I was “up” with Les his last two nights. Through the tears and a bit of blubbering I chanted many of the Psalms and read all I could until I was no longer able to focus on the text because of the lack of sleep. It was invaluable to me in the respect that it focused my attention on God’s word and not where I would veer off to given my attention span.

The picture in the post is serious proof that I’m definitely not in the huat south this week. All that snow came down on my truck in only one night. Anne has informed me, in very clear terms that “I’ll take you "out" if you go outside one… more… time in your shorts and without anything on your feet". Frankly, I’ve just been having fun playing Hobbit.


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