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Thursday, October 09, 2008 

No Valerie, I’m Not Out Of Blogging Ideas

My absolutely favorite niece, Valerie, just sent me a short note with a link suggesting that I might need blogging ideas. That’s why she’s my favorite niece, she’s always looking out for her uncle.

No Valerie, I’m not out of ideas for blogging. I’ve just been a little busy at work (a pleasant change) and was on vacation last weekend. The boss took all his employees and their significant others to the beach. The missus and I got a chance to go ocean kayaking for between four or five hours just north of Myrtle Beach.

With the short getaway and picking up two new customers, Uncle Frank has just been a little busy, but not too busy to see that email from his favorite niece. And I certainly saw that email from LCMS, Inc. highlighting increased revenues while losing market share. (sorry for that folks but sometimes ya got to talk the right lingo to be understood by corporate types)

Thank you Valerie for making sure I gots me some ideas, that’s why your Aunt and I love ya.

Oh, that’s a picture of your Aunt playing in the ocean.

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I am jealous about the Kayaking. I wish I could have been there. I was helping with our Oktober Fest. It was not too bad. If nothing else the website should give you some laughs, I know I did. Nice picture, I cannot wait to see you guys.

Okay, I have two questions - why were you hiding on the dunes taking pictures? Was the missus topless?

Two answers for the stalker; I wasn’t hiding. I was trying to get some decent shots from the top of the dunes along the beach. I really wanted to get higher but I didn’t want to the sand to give way, me fall, and thereby get sand in my camera.

No, I was the one going topless. If you click on the picture it’ll go full size and you’ll see more detail and her shirt.

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