Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Issues, Etc. Gets Nation Exposure On Late Night Show

I’m one of a couple thousand people that actually watch Saturday Night Live every week. I’m not exactly proud of that with the writing being what it is but I do still watch the show. As an aside, I understand from talking with friends that the Thursday prime time shows leading up to the election has been pretty good so I’m guessing that’s where the high-quality writers are concentrating their efforts.

I almost never watch SNL when it airs at 11:30pm Saturday night. Instead I rely on my DVR to save it for what usually winds up being Monday night by the time I get ‘round to watching it. The reason for this is that I have to get up pretty early to go to church so as to make sure I can get one of the good seats in the first service. After an early church service it’s off to teach a room of high school age youth. So for me; it’s early to bed on Saturdays.

Well last night I did get around to watching the show from last weekend as is my routine. I was not exactly paying attention when the musical group started their act but that quickly changed when I heard the first eight or nine notes.

For what it’s worth I usually don’t like the musical acts that a variety show will book these days. I remember the good old days of radio before there were music videos that relied too much on the visual instead of well written music and lyrics. These days looking for real talent and depth in modern pop (and country) music is kinda like looking for something Scriptural in a Joel Osteen sermon; you can look for a long time with precious little in the way of results.

Anyhoo, back to my point (sorry folks, I am easily distracted)…

So there I was sitting on the couch reading some seriously in depth stuff by Ed Brubaker regarding a man without fear and devils and stuff when I had to look up at the TV screen because the song being played was somehow familiar. Believe it or not (hint, hint, believe it!) the scheduled band had started playing the opening music for my favorite Christ centered, cross focused radio talk show; Issues, Etc.! Wow I thought, these guys have hit it big time!

As it turns out; some British kids formed a band called Coldplay. And here’s where it gets interesting; they inserted their own lyrics, instead of using sound bites from folks like that moonbat McCain, into the now familiar opening music of Issues, Etc.. Gone also were good comments by Pastors Cwirla and Peterson (along with a host of other guests) and in their place were these British chaps own words. And heavens to Betsy, these new words eerily fit the music, almost like it was always meant to be. Very, very cool.

I’m not sure how these kids found the music or why they elected to remove the Issues, Etc. sound bites but only good things can come of this. Just think, if the other couple of thousand viewers of SNL google this song and find out the music’s true origins and if they take time to listen, Issues, Etc. will have twice as many listeners as LCMS, Inc. claimed the show had when it was terminated. A win win situation for everybody!

I think I like the cut of these Coldplay kid’s jib I do. I’m not sure if they are fans of the show or just thought that the tune was catchy, but they used it and I’m overjoyed. I may just have to break down and buy their record… maybe.

I tried with no success to find the clip from SNL so instead here’s Coldplay's video:


Big Doofus said...

Those crazy kids and their rock music.

Oh, and way to go out of your way to make it sound like you're just monitoring SNL for the rest of us. ;)

Anonymous said...

I've nominated you for a 'Superior Scribbler' award!

Red said...

I'm not sure which network it is, but one of the news shows use that song beginning too. Funny thing is I perked up and thought Issues, Etc. as well when I heard that.

Frank Gillespie said...

BD, hey somebody should watch it!

MG2, thank you!

Red, I really didnt know whose tune that was. My missus listens to Coldplay and knew who they were. I listen to dead people as a general rule.

Orianna Laun said...

I was in Great Clips on a Saturday morning and could not figure out why 1)Issues, Etc. was on on a Saturday, and 2)why a haircutting place would be broadcasting it instead of background music. Turns out it WAS the background music. Didn't know some British chaps has put words to it. . .