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Tuesday, October 21, 2008 

Dinosaur Tracks Found In Arizona And The Age Of The Earth Discussion On Issues, Etc.

I’m trying very hard to get caught up on my podcasts this week as I’m a week behind. Last night while my missus was out and about I had a chance to listen to the October 14th episode where segment four featured Dr. David Menton from Answers in Genesis discussing the age of the earth.

Pastor Wilken asked Dr. David Menton this;

“Before we went to the break you were talking about the footprints that can be found in a certain layer. At the grand canyon, you said it looks like to you like evidence of animals traveling in or around at the time of the great flood.

How many of the fossils do you think can be explained the rapid burial and fossilization of these animals that we find simply by the flood event as described in the book of Genesis”

Dr. Menton responded;

Well you know my colleague here and my boss Mr. Ken Hamm who founded Answers in Genesis he has a comment he always likes to make and that is; “if there really were a worldwide flood you’d expect billions of dead things buried in rock layers deposited by water all over the earth. But when you actually go out there and look, what do you see in the fossil record? You see billions of dead things buried in rock layers deposited by water all over the earth.”

Yeah, exactly.

This morning it was announced that dinosaur tracks were found in what used to be “a network of wet, low watering holes between the dunes.” out in Arizona.

Dinosaur tracks preserved from what used to be wet sand? Yeah, exactly.

Read the whole dinosaur footprint story here.

Read my previous I’m not buying the whole evolution thingy here.

To hear the great discussion on the age of the earth with Dr. Menton, listen to the previously mentioned Issues, Etc. segment in the embedded link below:


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