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Thursday, October 16, 2008 

More Palin Goodness

Another random find...


I pay attention to the news and the election coverage. I THINK I'm somewhat well informed, but I don't "get" the last two Palin cartoons.

I'm guessing you don't like her all that much.

Palin hunted and killed Lady Liberty? That's a pretty funky claim. Now McCain or Obama killing liberty, I'd believe.

BD, both are how left leaning folks look see her. There’s nothing to “get” really. I do like Palin actually if for nothing else than her stance on killing children in the womb. (I was completely unaware of the huge number of children Down's syndrome killed in utero until the selection of Palin) My thinking is that if a candidate can’t be trusted to protect the unborn I simply cant trust you protect anything. And if a candidate can actually articulate a defense for partial birth abortion…well, that’s beyond the pale.

Dan, that’s how the other side sees her not me. At least I know that she hunts on a “snow machine” not by plane. ;-)

Ok. I just couldn't understand what you were saying by posting those cartoons.

So, not only are you a weirdo Lutheran, you're also one of those anti-abortion types that actually believes it's wrong to insert a sharp object into the womb of a mother and kill a defenseless baby. What's wrong with you people? Don't you know that it's ok to do that? The Supreme Court said so.

(please pick up on my sarcasm)

BD, Not only a weirdo Lutheran, an ORTHODOX weirdo Lutheran. Dead orthodoxy at that…


heh... around here, I'd say yes.

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