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Wednesday, October 29, 2008 

A Liturgy For The Affirmation Of An Abortion

Jackie Bruchi reports for Stand Firm, a traditional Anglican blog (not to be confused with Scott Diekmann’s excellent blog of the same name) another sign of the coming apocalypse; Affirming A Choice, A Liturgy by Diann L. Neu distributed by Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice.

For what it's worth... and it ain't worth much, Diann L. Neu is Co-Director of the Women's Alliance for Theology, Ethics and Ritual (W.A.T.E.R.) in Silver Spring, Maryland. W.A.T.E.R. is "a feminist educational center, doing work locally, nationally and internationally organizing programs and projects, publications and workshops, counseling, spiritual direction and liturgical planning which help people actualize feminist religious values in the service of social change."

I’ll let the author of this abomination introduce her liturgical masterpiece;

Women may need encouragement to consider such a liturgy because traditional churches and society do not provide them.

This liturgy affirms that a woman has made a good and holy decision to have an abortion. It provides strength and healing after making a difficult choice. It brings closure to an often intense and emotional process. It is intended to be celebrated with friends. (emphasis mine of course)

The liturgy includes preparations and the following prayer:

Blessed are you, Holy Wisdom, for your presence with [name]. Praised be you,Mother Goddess and Father God, that you have given your people the power of choice.We are saddened that the life circumstances of [woman's name and, if appropriate, herpartner's name] are such that she has had to choose to terminate her pregnancy. Such achoice is never simple. It is filled with pain and hurt, with anger and questions, but alsowith integrity and strength.

Unbelievable, unreal and unholy!

HT: Elephant’s Child


Thanks for helping bring this sick thing to light.

There are no words for this kind of abomination.

May God have mercy on our souls.

Thank you! This is beyond disturbing! All I have to say is GOD FATHER is not happy to know that He is also female, on top of this world of unrepentant FIFTH COMMANDMENT violators, that need to be repenting instead of performing a liturgy of MURDER. May God have mercy uponthem.

Sorry for all the Law lets add some gospel to this situation. There is a liturgy that can be done with women who have had an abortion, it is called, DIVINE SERVICE, CONFESSION AND ABSOLUTION, and then there is the whole matter of Remembering their BAPTISM. That is all the liturgy that we need, not some kind of wack job liturgy

Valerie, I think a little law is justified in this case...

Look at all the buzzwords--choice, affirm, partner--yet no religious talk of sin, repentance or forgiveness. Instead of offering a woman the Law and the Gospel, which brings true peace, this mumbo-jumbo offers self-acceptance and a boost to self-esteem; this type of "affirmation" is a weak bandage on a deeper wound which cannot be healed through positive thinking.

Orianna Laun, that’s a great point. I lost the ability to see that after reading that an abortion can be “a good and holy decision.” Good catch!

elephantschild i am sorry to say that i disagree with you me and my dad were able to come up with quite a few words describing this thing... none of which i will post on the internet. i can honestly say that i am truely disgusted and revolted by such a blatent disregaured human life and also a disrespect for God himself. God is not a woman, this is not a liturgy, and i seriously doubt that you could consider this woman (and i use that term loosely) a christian. Now that i have all of that off of my chest i have to ask what on earth is going to happen to the church with such idiots running around in it.

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