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Monday, November 03, 2008 

A Case For Zod

If for some reason I can’t persuade you to vote the Roslin/Airlock ticket, might I offer one more possible option for true change in our nation’s executive branch; Zod.

Zod is a truly a maverick’s choice that will offer a real option of change at changing the way Washington works in changing the way things change. While most look at McCain and Obama and wish the candidates could transform our nation’s legislative culture, there are none who look up at Zod and think to themselves, self, will he really change things? All who look to Zod know things will change.

From humble beginnings in the military, he rose to the rank of general by offering true leadership not with words, not with speeches, but with decisive action. If you are worried about electing someone who is untested and if you fear rouge nations testing such inexperience, fear not when you cast your ballot for Zod.

After leaving military service Zod spent a reflective time with close associates. He would later break out in the world of small business where he started designing high end kitchens synonymous with luxury homes.

Zod is the tough on crime, tough on terrorists and tough on all who threaten your world candidate if you have the faith to believe one man can make the difference.

While little is known of Zod’s faith background, all indications are that he is a deeply spiritual man, (possibly Eastern Orthodox or a Lutheran Litergista?) as he often talks of kneeling and bowing.

Visit Zod’s election 2008 website here.

Also, here's a commercial for Zod's Kitchens in the embedded video... enjoy.


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