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Wednesday, November 19, 2008 

I Just Joined AA

I don’t know why I was sent the invitation but I accepted. Clearly, people who are very concerned for me thought I needed to be a member of AA; Antinomians Anonymous. The description for the group is as follows:

If they don't suspect you of being an Antinomian, you probably have not preached the Gospel.

I obviously don’t preach the Gospel as I am not a called and ordained servant of Christ’s Church. It is however often assumed that I’m with the priestly caste being as that I do seem to hang out with a great many of them, attend a lot of theological convocations and symposiums while wearing t-shirts proclaiming “can’t sleep, clowns will eat me”, and can properly answer questions like “is there reciprocity in the gaius miastaticum?” or “Paul was subscribing the Tetragrammaton to Jesus, wasn’t he? ” and not bat an eye. Yeah, freaky.

Oh well, I’ve certainly been called an antinomian before by someone who suspected my baptism probably didn’t take hold (I must confess that it was only a sprinkle) so I guess I need a group to deal with it. Very well then, onward to a meeting!

You'll have to get the "Weak on Sanctification" T-shirt that New Reformation Press sells.

You're welcome at our nearly weekly gatherings. We consume far too much bar food and other bar-related beverages.

I have been thinking of getting that clown shirt, believe it or not.

Oh dear.

Christopher, cool you’re a member as well. When you say bar-related beverages you mean booze I hope. I’m of the understanding that there are two different AA type groups and the other one has people drinking alcohol as well. My thinking is that if I can kill two birds with one stone I might just join the other one.

I could be wrong...no, I'm not...you might corrupt that other group

Longeye, I’ve checked into this group and they seem be a decent and pious group of folks. I don’t see how I could corrupt them?

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