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Thursday, November 06, 2008 

Anti Proposition 8 Commercial Starring Mormons

Normally you would never find me defending the Mormons. They’re not Christians and unless I can tie a story into my favorite space opera or the similarities to the Masonic lodge, I just want nothing to do the subject. I have to teach a two or three week class once a year because of so many Latter Day Saints in my little corner of the Haut South and that’s enough for me.

As I was sitting here in the shop trying to get caught up on my podcasts, I nearly fell over in disbelief over the reporting of an anti Prop 8 commercial by Dr. Jennifer Roback Morse on Issues, Etc. Prop 8 defines marriage as a man and a woman and thereby outlawed gay marriage. Prop 8 passed but faces an uphill battle in the courts as the will of the people is often trumped my the courts these days.

The reason I’m flabbergasted is that if this kind of commercial can be run against people who call themselves Christian, the surely the commercial will be run against people who are Christians. It’s only a matter of time.

Here's the commercial:

And here's the Issues, Etc. segment:


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