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Thursday, April 03, 2008 

A Wise Warning From The Underground

Pastor Cwirla over at the Underground has some very good advice for everybody who wants to combine the criticisms of what happened to Issues, Etc. and our beloved synod’s favorite little evangelism program Ablaze!; don’t. He correctly points out that “The issue is not about the Ablaze! initiative but about Issues, Etc. and how it fit or didn't fit into the synodical vision. This is NOT about the Ablaze! mission initiative.”

He is right on target. While the theological leanings of our synod leadership are tied to both issues, (pun intended) the two issues need to remain two separate as we move forward in demanding answers for the latest debacle.

Listen, everybody who reads this blog even on an infrequent basis knows what I think of Ablaze! and all it’s theological goofiness. There is a time and place for that argument concerning Ablaze!, and now is not the time.

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