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Tuesday, April 22, 2008 

And The Winner Is…

And the winner is…. well, I’m waiting on a screenshot from hit 30000 before I make it official. As soon as I get that, I’ll let ya’ll know who won.

What am I talking about? Last Friday I announced a little contest where the winner would receive an official Putting Out The Fire sweatshirt.


And the winner is... Der Bettler; a seminarian from Concordia Theological Seminary up in the always sunny and always warm Fort Wayne, Indiana. Der Bettler has his own blog, a daily read of mine, over at Hoc Est Verum.

Congratulations Herr Bettler on beating out, among others, all those from Jr. America to our north, my four legged stalker/niece, as well as some kinda Italian glowing worm... thingy for the Official Ablaze!(TM) Firefighter’s (TM)(R)(C) official line of (in)activewear.

And for you conspiracy theorists, no, you can’t keep hitting reset to make the counter click up. I was watching the sitemeter very closely just to make sure. I did see an increase of about 40% over normal Monday traffic, but there was nothing nefarious going on as far as I could tell.

Also, I’d like to thank everyone for playing along as well as, with all sincerity, thank all you good folks for reading this slack jawed yokel’s drivel. You guys, and gals, make blogging theological just plain fun! Thanks again.

Drat. Missed it. 30008 here.

Someone must have ramdialed the reload button. :)

Firefly! Firefly!

Don't tell me you haven't seen a firefly!

I miss them, that's why I chose the name. That and the fact that the fireflies are special to Italian Witchcraft, so it has a double meaning.

I still want a sweatshirt.


What's a firefly?

You do know we don't like fires 'round these here parts? ;-)

Oh, 'bout the sweatshirt, see the latest post and tell me what ya think...

That goes for my Canadian readers too Pastor Klages!

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