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Friday, April 18, 2008 

How Difficult Is It To Answer the Question Why?

Her awesomeness, Mollie Ziegler Hemingway asks a few more simple questions over at Augsburg 1530 like:

Why did David Strand feel the need to inform President Kieschnick of his decision to terminate Issues, Etc. and fire Rev. Todd Wilken and Jeff Schwarz at all?

If this was just a routine budgetary decision, why inform Kieschnick, but not his own board?

Is clearing decisions with the President’s office, but not his own board, a regular practice of David Strand?

Does Kieschnick’s “awareness” substitute for the board’s consent? If so, how?

What other decisions has Strand made without his board’s knowledge or consent?

Were any other of Strand’s non-board decisions cleared through Kieschnick’s office too? If so, what were they?

If informing Kieschnick, but not his board was a “once in a lifetime” incident, why this particular incident?

If our beloved synod is more unified than ever, (according to President Kieschnick) why does it take so long to get answers to some very basic questions? Wouldn’t just giving clear answers be the easiest way to put everyone’s mind at ease? Why does it take, what is it now, a month already, to answer a few simple questions?

Why indeed.


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