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Monday, April 07, 2008 

Issues, Etc. Update: Political Motives Exposed

M.Z. Hemmingway who is now blogging over at Augsburg 1530 writes up the post titled Political motives exposed:
So apparently there is a “Radio Committee” meeting convening Monday in St. Louis. Some members of the LCMS Board of Directors and some members of the LCMS Board for Communication Services are meeting to discuss KFUO. This meeting was scheduled previous to the cancellation of Issues, Etc.
Apparently the members of this committee were furnished materials previous to the cancellation of Issues, Etc. that include a couple of pages listing anonymous negative comments about Issues, Etc.. These comments include the expressions “abrasive” and “hyper-orthodox” — as well as a comment about the program following its own “political agenda“.
What’s more — not one positive comment was furnished. Not one.
I can tell you from my days on the Board for Communication Services that listeners regularly sent in letters praising Issues, Etc. They would say the type of things you can read on the petition that has grown to over 6,600 names. We never received a single complaint. Why would this Radio Committee be furnished with multiple pages of anonymous negative comments about the program? Is this proof that the program was a victim of a political hit? Why do David Strand and President Kieschnick keep pumping up the so-called “financial” reasons for the termination of Issues, Etc., while hiding the fact that the Radio Committee was furnished with a completely distorted view of Issues, Etc.? What does this mean? Amazing!
So, is it about the financial situation or not?


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