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Thursday, April 24, 2008 

Upcoming Guest Posts...

The next two posts here at Putting Out The Fire are not going to be written by me but rather by a guest. Actually, guest isn’t the right word, family is. That’ll make a little more sense later when you read the posts.

My guest wrote me an email asking that I post it here to address several items that I’ve posted and blogged about, and I’m more than happy to do just that. The email was a little lengthy and will need to be broken up into two posts.

My guest is not a Lutheran. This is an important point because how we communicate with those of different theological traditions is almost always, by necessity, different than how we as Lutherans communicate with each other.

I fully expect those who read and participate here at POTF to be as gracious and as nice as you would be meeting anybody for the first time. That being said, if anyone does not engage my guest in the most loving manner possible, I will not happy and I will lose my coveted non-bombastic status. Simply put, be nice.

This does not mean that all of you can’t engage my guest in a thoughtful discussion. I think a thoughtful discussion is the whole point of this exercise as does my guest. All I ask is that everyone play nice.

At one time I thought that all like minded people played nice. I was, sadly, naive. Recently, with the whole Issues, Etc. debacle, I’ve come to better understand that name calling and venomous comments which violate the 8th commandment sometimes trump a good theological discussion even among people that should be united by a common confession and goal. I’ll have none of that here with my guest, Lutheran or not.

Yep, should be fun…

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