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Friday, April 18, 2008 

David Strand, Then And Now…

From her awesomeness, Mollie Ziegler Hemingway blogging over at Augsburg 1530

The Board for Communication Services meets today and tomorrow in St. Louis. Members of the BCS have waited four long weeks to receive David Strand’s explanation for why he fired Rev. Todd Wilken and Jeff Schwarz and canceled Issues, Etc. They have waited to hear why, contrary to all previous practice and protocol, the decision was carried out with President Kieschnick’s knowledge but not theirs.

Less than one year ago, David Strand told the LCMS in convention that Issues, Etc. was KFUO’s “premier national radio program.” Less than one year ago, David Strand told the LCMS in convention that he had assembled a “select, four-member team of radio experts” to find “ways to generate and place other KFUO-AM-produced programming in other markets across America, à la the widely syndicated ‘Issues, Etc.’”

That was David Strand just a few months ago. What will he tell the Board for Communications Services today?

What's informative here is the constantly changing stories as well as the refusal to answer the simple question; why was Issues, Etc canceled? David Strand has had a month now to present all the information that he and he alone (by his own admission) used to determine that Issues, Etc. was no longer of any real value to the synod as a ministry or outreach tool. One would think that a month is enough to present an answer that isn’t using two or three year old data, explain the financial ins and outs of KFUO, and explain the growing list of whys.

Maybe he just needs more time…


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