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Wednesday, August 01, 2007 

Update From Saint Paul, MN

Well it’s time for a quick update on my visit to the Saint Paul, Minnesota. I can say without equivocation that Saint Paul is the nicest “big” city I’ve ever visited. Maybe there is something the water, I’m not certain, but the people here are nicer than all the peoples of Utah combined. Maybe it’s because I just got away from the uptight rigor of the high tech areas of the haut south where I reside. Why folks are so pleasant here is really of no concern to me as I’m more than content to just enjoy a friendly, clean, and apparently a very safe city.

TKls2myhrt over at Be Strong in the Grace and Katie’s Beer was kind enough to point me to a great congregation to visit this past Sunday. Glory of Christ pastored by Klemet Preus made me feel as welcome there than any place I’ve ever visited. It’s always nice to visit a congregation where the Word is preached purely and the Sacrament is administered rightly. You can listen to the sermon by clicking the Eighth Sunday after Trinity on the sermon page which falls under the media tab. It was a great sermon! Thanks for the heads up TK, you're awesome.

For Bible study after the Divine Service we focused on the second son of the prodigal son parable. Afterwards I had the chance to chat metrology, precision versus accuracy in measurements, and vocations with former chemist and now Pastor William Cwirla for about forty-five minutes. He was in town for the Higher Things conference held in Minneapolis.

The only thing that’s bothered me this trip is that as much as I’ve driven around Saint Paul, I cant seem to find that big arch thingy that’s supposed to be sitting right next to the Mississippi river. I found the river with no difficulty but I can't seem to find the arch. I know a few weeks ago they had some people get stuck in the darned thing. I’m just hoping they didn’t have to tear the thing down to get the people out. Hmm.

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