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Monday, July 30, 2007 

Whoda Thunk It?

Last week the Wittenberg Catholic awarded me a thinking blog award. Here’s what he said:

I admittedly struggle with what evangelism is supposed to look from an organizational standpoint, but one think I don't struggle with is my feelings on Ablaze. It's pure synergistic nonsense, and Frank gives voice to that growing group of people who are sick of the infestation of revivalistic doctrine and teaching within the LCMS.

Wow! Whoda thunk that I could have caused anyone’s synapses to fire (or misfire)? I certainly appreciate the honor Herr Roe and thank you very, very much.

While it started as a way to poke a little fun at goofy evangelism movements from the bowels of our beloved synod, I do understand that Putting Out The Fire, as my new favorite hobby, has morphed and will continue to morph as a means of catechesis both for myself and others.

The five blogs that make me think right now (doesn’t that list always shift and change as new topics or even new bloggers are introduced?) are as follows:

Lutheran Blogs

1) Cyberstones by Pastor David Peterson who I look forward to reading for the lengthy theological posts on a variety of topics facing the Church today.
2) Cruising Down the Coast of the High Barbaree by Josh S is on the list for the same reason as Cyberstones. Give Josh a try and I think you’ll see why I like his layman’s point of view as well as why I think he’s writing better than most professional apologists.
3) Kelly’s Blog by Kelly who gets to blog about her vocations as a wife, being a new mom, and artist. She always shows her chops as a talented writer whether on her blog or writing for Higher Things’ magazine.

Non Lutheran Blogs
4) The Beasts Lair is run by a Baptist seminarian who while we differ on some, or even many, theological issues always presents things in such a way that many Christians would do well to follow his example.
5) Get Religion is a collaboration of writers (MZ Hemmingway being the Lutheran of the bunch) who report on how religious issues are covered through the various media outlets.

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