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Tuesday, July 24, 2007 

Verklempt! Part 3

Warning: if you are unfamiliar with, or have trouble understanding high sarcasm, leave.

I visited a congregation this past weekend and learned two new things. The first thing I learned that I previously wasn’t aware of was that women can be the assistant minister in a congregation belonging to the Lutheran Church – Missouri Synod. This was something new for me and I am so glad that I’m, uh, “enlightened.”

The second thing I learned, Mary Magdalene was an apostle. This too was news to me. I’m not really sure how I missed that one.

I’ll now sleep a little better now knowing that Jesus didn’t oppress women and neither do we.


Was she considered a "Licensed Deacon"? What part(s) did she play in the Divine Service?
I have not yet beheld the sight of a woman "assisting minister" in the LCMS but I have heard about it from several friends.
Mary Magdelene an Apostle - they obviously get there theological foundation from the History Channel. (read the last bit with not a little sarcasm)

I have no idea what she was. What she did was read the lessons and Gospel, read sections of the rite of Baptism (thankfully she didnt perform the baptism), and conducted the prayers. She was wearing an alb but wasnt wearing any stole so I don't know what a visitor should rightfully think.

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