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Wednesday, July 11, 2007 

My Thoughts On The Upcoming Synodical Convention

I finally got around to reading the complete interviews of the five candidates nominated for president of the synod. Wow. Maybe it’s because I was looking at the interview through the prism that I normally do, but I thought the differences were stark.

All of the nominees said that scripture was important to guiding us as we move forward on this side of eternity. But two of the candidates look more to conventions, programs, movements, and bylaws than the remaining three who for some strange reason, look to the Confessions that have guided us for almost five hundred years.

Maybe the differences listed were meant to be subtle, but I was amazed that an official synodical publication wouldn’t come across as a little more vague. I can only look at the interviews as being positive no matter what happens at convention.

And no matter what happens at the convention, I am confident that we will always have the Church because that is what our Lord has promised. The Church has been under attack since Adam’s first sin and I don’t see anything in Scripture that says the prince of this world will give up until the last day.

So in spite of what happens the Church, whom has been given Word and Sacrament by her Bridegroom, Christ himself, will remain. And that alone is enough to calm my nerves as minutes tick by this weekend.

And please remember to keep all delegates in your prayers and pray that God’s will be known and His will be done.

I can't agree with you more. The Church has been and will be under attack 24/7. When the stories came out about the few priests who were touching little boys, the media made it seem as if every single priest was doing this.


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