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Saturday, July 28, 2007 

"Mission Reductionism"

One of the difficulties with having so many good blogs to read out there is that every now and then we are all apt to miss something good or even sublimely profound. As one who sits on many a mission board, I found one post that fit the latter.

Pastor Thomas Chryst over at Preacherboy had a post last week that featured a new phrase coined by Pastor Ryan Fouts: Mission Reductionalism. I shamelessly asked Pastor Chryst if I could repost his post and being gracious as always he has given me permission. Enjoy!

Pr. Fouts Coins a Phrase

Pastor Ryan Fouts, from an internet discussion group:

"Of course we have areas of agreement. The disagreements have certainlyshifted from SOME of those of the Seminex era -- though I'd suggest that "Gospel reductionism," morphed now into "mission reductionism" is one of the errors of our day being avidly promoted by some"

"Mission Reductionism" - a false belief in some circles that "mission" or "outreach" is the number one priority of the church, something I certainly saw on display at the recent LCMS convention.

Thanks for the aphorism, Pr. Fouts!


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