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Monday, August 13, 2007 

Well, I’ll Be A Puppy’s Uncle

The missus and I live far, far away from our respective families. It’s a day’s drive to my side of the family and two very long day’s drives to hers. So, she and I only get to see our nieces and nephews about once every four years. There are however numerous ragamuffins in my extended family that call me Uncle Frank. Most of you are familiar with my adopted niece Valerie whom the wife and I love more than sushi grade tuna (I just checked with the missus and she does in fact agree with that statement). Valerie started a trend eight or nine years ago when she snuck in a “good night Uncle Frank” at the end of a Friday night Bible study. Soon I started noticing lots of crumb crunchers big and small declaring me their long lost Uncle Frank. And I’ve always been cool with that.

With that as the backdrop imagine my surprise when I found out that Melanie Francis linked to me. Who is Melanie Francis? That’s a very good question. It seems that Melanie is a tri-colored Jack Russell Terrier (smooth variety) who now calls me Uncle Frank. I’ve never met Melanie, but hey I’ve got several nieces and nephews of the bipedal human variety that I’ve never met either. Cool, my first stalker!

If everyone can do me a favor and go to Melanie’s blog and say hi I would be most appreciative. Thanks a bunch and as Bob Barker used to say, remember to have your children spayed or neutered.

This is the cutest article about Melanie Francis. I know this little girl dog personally and her mouthpiece and they are quite the duo. Somehow, I think you all have quite a bit in common, some happy things and some not so happy but all in all....WOW...what happy "bloggers" and what interestiing folks to check in on from time to time. God bless those with and without fur..but all with a great sense of humor.

I've never met Melanie but I'm sure that somehow it might be possible to arrange a secret meeting.

Uncle Frank,
The meeting doesn't have to be under the cloak of night, it's not like I have a hump, a hook or anything.
Melanie F.

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