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Tuesday, August 28, 2007 

The Witness Duck?

This picture is from the Southeastern District's latest newsletter found here. As you can see, the blurb highlights a new evangelism technique, the Witness Duck, at the National Youth Gathering.

Uh, the Witness Duck? Really?

On a related topic, my missus, whose vocation is law enforcement, told me just two days ago that LSD never completely leaves your system. I always thought that eventually it worked it's way out. She says I'm mistaken it really stays in your system, forever, really. Hmm, who knew.

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Ablazing! Sounds like a lame duck to me!!

I don't get it. Anyone who was involved with this, or experienced it, care to elaborate?

Kelly, this was the first I've heard about it. I copied it right from the newsletter with no changes. It sure there was a point...somewhere. Or maybe not.

Hey, anything that spreads the Gospel....!

Can I commend my new Lutheran blog?

Doorman, where you there or do you know how this was supposed to work?

No, I think he's just been doing drive-by blog promotion. But I am seriously curious about how this duck thing is supposed to work. Surely someone out there knows...

How sad is it, to be using this rubber ducky thing on teenagers that age? This is something you do for 4 year olds.

I would have laughed at these people when I was that age, and walked away from there. Yikes.

Hi Lutheran Lucciola! Well said! I think it’s depressing to think that we think teenagers have to be pandered to or treated like they are idiots.

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