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Tuesday, August 21, 2007 

One Of These Things...

One of these things is not like the others
one of these things just doesn’t belong.
Can you tell which thing is not like the other
by the time I finish my song?

Remember that little ditty from Sesame Street? The game was to teach children to differentiate various objects and point out the one odd object out of the four shown. Cookie Monster would show off three pieces of fruit and one cookie with, of course, predictable results. Oscar the Grouch would display three pieces of garbage and one nice new item that he throw away at the end of the game. Mr. Hooper could display candy bars and, well, you get the picture.

With that, let’s play a little game ourselves shall we?

One of the pictures in this post is not like the others. The question is which one, and why. Good luck!

Answers here.


I'm going to say number 1. At most rock concerts, the group expects you to know the songs already so you don't need subtitles.

I think it's a trick question. Yes, one is the youth gathering and the others are rock concerts. Yet they all look pretty much the same.
I will say, rock concert aside, that I heard some good reports on most of the keynote addresses at the NYG. Some good theologians gave some good law/gospel teachings.

I'm thinkin' #4 is different, cuzz it's not the Nat'l Youth Fest. It's 1971 or some such.

I think #3 is the odd one out. It must have been taken at the Nat'l Youth Gathering because the photo shows banners. It's all about the banners. The other pics are perhaps "ordinary" rock concerts. (ie Without Banners.)

I will say the oddball is number 2. It is of an ELCA sponsored event and the other three are LCMS events. ...of course that is just a guess because they all looked the same!!! Has anyone else noticed that the current regime is taking us down a down a path where the lines are becoming blurred between ELCA & LCMS, between sound doctrine and fiction, and yes, between right and wrong. It is unfortunate the direction our beloved synod is heading.

My guess would be No. 3.

(BTW, those aren't banners but speakers.)

I don't believe it to be a trick question, Pr. Ries. And your guess was what?

what does rock concerts have to do with youth gatherings?

So, Frank, what's the answer? (My guess in no. 4)

Okay so maybe it's not a trick question. But the point is still the same. They all look alike - I believe that is the point being made in this exercise. Though if you must have my guess, I'd have to agree with Dan and say #1, given that you can see music lyrics up on the big screen.

Hey all, thanks for all the comments and playing along. I'll be answering the question shortly in a seperate post.

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