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Saturday, August 18, 2007 

New Evangelism Suggestion

I wonder if this could be modified for Ablaze!? Hmm, I see possibilities here. Imagine running after people with a flamethrower telling them they only have one chance to respond so that his or her response may be recorded on a website as a critical event. A powerful message that is sure to noticed by all.

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This would definitely solicit a response. And since Ablaze! only wants a response, you’d be covered if you wanted to waste your time recording the critical “event.”

Modify? A local congregation is trying to use nearly the same tactic with my parish

Hey Longeye',
I got the same problem with my parish as well. Last week our daughter congregation prayed for us (the whole congregation not me specifically) in the prayers that we might be Ablaze!. Uh, I don't feel it yet...

I haven't heard anything on the news about our congregations meeting and deciding how to divide up the neighborhoods - the tire is flat on my bicycle, I need to get that fixed.

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