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Wednesday, April 05, 2006 

Two Good Joel Osteen Posts

Here are two good Joel Osteen posts that I read yesterday but didn't have time to link to. The first is at Cyberbrethren here. And the second is over at Get Religion right here.

I've decided that I probably shouldn't post on Pastor Joel after receiving hate mail and threats from those who only want their best life now. I had to remove the city of Raleigh from my profile and replace it with the huat south to go back to something resembling anonymity. I have previously posted on Pastor Joel here, here, and here. I really dont understand why everyone got upset. I thought I made it perfectly clear that I really wanted to go see him when he came to Raleigh. Oh well, I guess I can't please everyone.

I am sorry that you are being harrased by those that beleive in Osteen and his "lies". I personally like the posts and I wish that you would keep posting them.

Pro-Joel hate mail, ironic, especially when contrasted with your last post. What is the Osteenian to Mohammadian hate mail ratio at right know. Maybe you can disguise the Osteen posts. Make a semi-fictional character called Joe Lowstien.

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