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Friday, January 27, 2006 

Joel Osteen Comes To Town

So, Joel Osteen is coming to town tonight. On Fridays, the wife and I usually go to our weekly Bible study over at our second family's place. Last night I called and asked "how about we cancel the study of Luke and go see Joel?". But there were no takers. I was ignored! This is what usually happens when I know I have a really good idea. I'm either ignored or how about this one"Frank, you're going to Hell". I heard that last one again this morning.

Joel Osteen is in town tonight. How I would love to learn how to have my best life NOW! Sure tickets would set us back a few bucks but isn't it worth it? I know that if we just trust God enough, and believe in the promise of being overcomers and more than conquerors and God intends for each of us to experience the abundant life He has in store for us He'll come through for us. And that surely means blessing us with an extra $50 for tickets. Is that too much money for our best life now? Well, apparently, the riff raff that I run with, think that it would not be an effective use of our time as well as our money.

Maybe their problem is with Joel Osteen's sermons. I'm sure they'll meet Todd Wilken's, of the radio program Issues, Etc, criteria for a good semon. Wilken asks three questions;
1.How often is Jesus mentioned? 2.Is Jesus the subject of the verbs? Is Jesus the one who acts, or are you? 3. What are the verbs? What has Jesus done and what is He doing?

So, no Joel doesn't talk alot about Jesus. No, he doesn't mention the Bible much. Since he doesn't mention the Bible much he really doesn't talk about why we just might be poor misirable sinners. For this reason we will never hear about the undeserved grace that is bestowed on us by Christ. Ok, maybe they don't meet Wilken's criteria.

But who would want to hear all about that stuff when it makes me out to be the bad guy? Why would I want to hear all that when I can have my best life NOW?! Oh well, maybe there's a reason riff raff like myself needs to go to Bible study on Fridays...

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