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Thursday, April 06, 2006 

New Sites Added To Blogroll

I've added some new sites to my blogroll today. I've been going to these sites for a while but have just been too lazy to do the update.

First up is Father John Fenton's blog Conversi ad Dominum. Fr. Fenton is a Lutheran Pastor up in Detroit.
Second is Our Little House On The Prairie. This blog is complete with all the characters of the TV show except that they are real and better yet, Lutheran.

I added a new category to the blogroll called Other Web Sites for lack of a better idea. In this category is Biblical Art On The Web which is self explanatory, Blue Letter Bible which is great resource for looking things up in scripture, and Zhubert which is another great tool for those of us who don't read Greek or Hebrew all that well. This site helps to find out what the original Old and New testament language says and why things are translated into today's language the way they are. There is no sense at all in taking Eugene Patterson's word for it that the Bible says one thing but means another.

My final addition I'll leave for a separate post which will require a little more typing.

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