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Thursday, April 27, 2006 

My New Nickname

Andy over at Green Underground has given me permission to use the nickname he has for me under his blogroll: I can now refer to myself as the official Ablaze! Firefighter. I about fell over laughing the first time I saw it! So I went ahead and asked for his permission to use the name in a future post. Andy said that permission was not necessary and to go ahead use it and feel free to have fun with it. What a hoot! Thanks Andy!!

Now, I know that I’ve disappointed many as it seems that I’ve fallen down on my job of putting out the fires of bad theology that is Ablaze! But it is important to remember that the district conventions are coming up. And after the districts meet, then it will be our beloved synod’s turn to convene. Heck, with the Southeastern el Presidente Rev Dr. Diefenthaler saying things already like “we need to be less church minded and more mission minded” comedy will only abound, I promise. And when it does, this mild mannered blogger will step into the metaphorical phone booth of the Unaltered Confessions of the Evangelical Lutheran Church and emerge, once again, the Ablaze! Firefighter, fighting for doctrinal truth, Divine justice, and Confessional Lutherans everywhere!

A big thanks goes to Jake who created the picture for this post. Jake is one of those little raggamuffins in my Sunday school class for the high school youth. I'm sure I've talked about them a time or two. Little is probably not the best way to describe Jake as he has been taller than me for some time now. But you get the idea...Thanks again Jake!

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