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Monday, April 10, 2006 

The "Gospel" Of Judas

Last week it was reported that the long lost "gospel" of Judas Iscariot was found. Oh joy, as if we didn't have to hear enough garbage about secret gospel texts that the church catholic has been keeping hidden with that stupid DaVinci Code movie coming out soon. Now, we get to listen to people who pretend to be theologians, go on diatribes about how the Gnostics were right all along. And now we all get to hear all about how Judas was the only disciple that actually got it, he was the only one that Jesus actually trusted with the "real" mission. No, I'm not looking forward to this at all. All weekend long I was reading in the paper and on the internet about how the "Lost Gospel Has Been Found". Of course this completely ignores 2000 years of real Church history! The only valid argument I could see was the statement that early Christianity was an exclusive little club that didn't allow differing opinions. Well duh, when these Gnostic ideas directly conflict with Scripture and Christ himself, what do these so called historians expect? Allowing every opinion to be valid is for the local philosophy club and for the French for crying out loud!

There are several good post on this matter already out there in the blogosphere already. The first I came across is at Burr In The Burgh by Pastor Scott Stiegemeyer here. Cyberbrethern has two excellent posts here and here. And finally, Get Religion has her entry here entitled "The gospel of ignorance". All three sites are favorite reads of mine and I'm sure you'll enjoy them as well.

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