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Wednesday, December 24, 2008 

Remember, Coveting Is A Bad Thing…

Every now and then, geeks like me realize that there are toys out there that we want, need and must have even if we don’t know what they are. Sometimes, it never dawns on us that we might need said toy until we see it for the first time. Then the coveting begins.

Under the “we only make this for sci-fi geeks because everyone else would think it’s just sad” heading comes the most awesomeness ever molded into a plastic figure; James T. Kirk yelling "Khaaaaaaaaaaaaan" in The Wrath Of Khan" action figure. See what I mean, you didn’t even know that you needed it until you saw the picture.

Now, if you’re like me and are watching your pennies you’ll go down to the blood bank and sell about seven quarts to pay for that bad boy. Barring that, I’d recommend that you go to the bank right now and take out a home equity loan to make sure you’re the first one to show yours off at next month’s BiMonSciFiCon meeting held at the City Hotel and Bistro (that’s the one that used to be a Ramada until they lost their franchise license) over by the municipal airport.

I just thought all of you should know…

I had no idea I needed that until you pointed it out. You have done a great service to me, sir.

Best. Trek. Movie.

IV was whimsically good (and I love Scotty talking to the mouse), and the various TNG flicks had their moments. And the less we talk about the turd that was V, the better... (ST & theology just don't mix, kna'mean?)

But II? It's just soaked through and through with Awesome Sauce.

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