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Sunday, December 21, 2008 

Excuse Me, I’m A What?

I’ve been getting ready the last few days for my vacation in Texas to see the in-laws. Cool people those in-laws, and I can’t to see ‘em! The missus and I make that trip every four years down to Killeen, Texas and this is the year. Yeah!

So, one of the things I’ve been doing is getting on the phone and doing a bunch of scheduling to make sure that the next two weeks go as smoothly as possible and that we can see and do everything that we’d like.

Here’s how one conversation went down:

Yeah, it’s going to be so nice to have you here, you’re like… a peacemaker.

I’m a WHAT?

You know, a peacemaker to everybody in the family

No, no I’m not.

Yeah, you are, you’re like a calming influence.

Uh, no I’m not. If anything… I’m the angel of death or at least war incarnate!

No you’re not.

Have I not ever been your house?

…yeah, but we love you anyways.

Hmm. I guess I’ve been called worse; someone did accuse me of being an antinomian once.

"Antinomian." I think that's a fancy word for "Ablaze! bracelet wearer," or something like that.

“"Antinomian." I think that's a fancy word for "Ablaze! bracelet wearer," or something like that.”

Grrr. Must….not…lose… non-bombastic…rating…..must restrain….....ahhhhhh!

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