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Monday, December 15, 2008 

Crucifix Banned From Chapel to Avoid Offending Peaceful Mohammadian Inmates

A British prison has decided not to include a crucifix in the décor of its new chapel for fear of offending Mohammadian inmates. The Daily Mail has said that "plans to include the traditional Christian crucifix were erased from the chapel’s blueprints on the advice of a Muslim imam".

Yep, two thousand years later and the cross is still offensive. Whodathunk it? Who knows what they’ll do next so as to not offend their Mohammadian population. I'd recommend allowing the Mohammadian to set up their own court system under sharia law but they already did that back in September.


Along similar lines, did you hear about how offensive Christmas trees have gotten?

I guess pork chop Friday is out too?

EC, yeah I heard, it's not exactly unexpected though.

Anon, I guess. Who knows what the Christian prisoners get to eat...

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