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Tuesday, August 03, 2010 

Pr. Fisk’s Goal Malady gLAWspel Video

No matter how many times as I’ve watched the embedded video from Pastor Jonathon Fisk I always find myself cheering and wanting to hit the replay button to watch it again, and again, and again. Pastor Fisk hits a home run going from explaining our freedom to do good works not because we have to but because we get to and then juxtaposing the account of Mary sitting at the feet of Jesus over Martha’s work in her kitchen as Christian freedom.

What happens when the we get to gets mixed up with the we have to? Pastor Fisk has called this confusing the good news of the Gospel with Law or something that we have to do “GLawspel” and he explains it, there’s no other word for it, brilliantly.

Most of my Lutheran friends have already seen the video but I’m hoping that folks who are outside of Lutheranism might give Pr. Fisk a shot at explaining a very difficult subject that I would argue plauges most of the churches in west and especially in our own country.

I strongly suspect that Pastor Fisk’s videos will become a staple here at POTF as I love his humor and ability to teach in a somewhat unorthodox manner with orthodoxy never compromised.


Me too! I could watch it about 3 times a day and still be refreshed by it.

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