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Monday, August 09, 2010 

Finally, A Praise Song That Gets Me To Emote

I’ve been criticized on more than one occasion, usually by my evangelical friends but also by Lutheran folk, for just not being emotive enough on a Sunday morning while singing hymns. How anybody can tell that I’m not getting emotional enough by looking at a list of the hymns we sing in a bulletin without actually standing next me in the pew and monitoring my facial expressions, body language, and lacrimation output is beyond me.

Well, to all those folk who think that my attachment to good catechetical and historical hymns has left me unable to be emotional or incapable of singing along with praise team leader and not feel the words that I’m singing, let me once and for all put your mind at ease.

The embedded video is a praise song from the Crazy Praize Volume 3 CD. The CD is described thusly:

The third volume in this very popular series of wacky praise songs for kids features ten new songs, with equally silly motions guaranteed to produce giggles and guffaws every time. Great for kids worship times, or anytime, these songs are not only fun, but they're loaded with scriptural truth to reinforce the message of God's love and grace in the hearts of children- young and old. In addition to the hilarious songs on the recording, there is a companion DVD available that teaches 7 of the amusing titles motions(notated in the song list by an *), and a DVD with lyrics and moving images for background use for every song.

I think it’s safe for me to say, without any reservation whatsoever, that if I sang the song in the video, on a Sunday morning, in my church, I would get very, very emotional. Really. No joke.

HT: Fighting for the Faith

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This song really makes me want to puke. So, evidently, it hits the target!

OK Robbie F., but how does it make you feel?

Bored, to tell the truth. I can't believe anybody would waste 3 whole minutes on saying 2 sentences, regardless of how (half-)witty they might be. Nothing stays funny that long. Too bad the time couldn't be put to better use...

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