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Tuesday, August 17, 2010 

What Are We Teaching Our Youth?

Here’s another great video from Pastor Jonathon Fisk. Pastor Fisk is a favorite blogger of mine no matter what medium he’s using over at Worldview Everlasting.

This video looks at what went on at the last nation youth gathering, an event which congregations from all over the country sent their youth to. So what are these national gatherings teaching? Pastor Fisk gives us a hint in the embedded video.

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Wow Frank this guy who made the video is a self absorbed moron -- great video on who not to listen to. The main speaker at NYG is telling kids to make friends with others, be a friend for them and reach out with the love of Christ and they guy who made calls that herisy? Holy crap.

I'm criticizing the blogger btw, not the speaker. and I mean made the video and not just who made, sorry for the typo.

so you disagree that moralistic therapeutic deism is not being imparted to our youth as has been the case across denominational lines elsewhere?

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