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Friday, August 20, 2010 

What Are We Teaching Our Youth? Part 2

Pastor Jonathon Fisk from Worldview Everlasting continues his look at the national youth gathering in his video titled "I'm Just Very Confused - Part 1: Simulized Adrenali-Fide"

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Persecution simulation?

I seriously want to THROW UP. How offensive. How sickening.

How incredibly insulting.

In this video you say that you are not trying to "manipulate these videos", but the very nature in which you present them and your comments does just that. I was one of the workers for the mass events (which were not considered a "worship service," but were considered worship) and can honestly say that the your spin of the gathering is false and insulting. Before you decide to mock it, maybe you should "see the whole thing."


So, there is worship... that isn't worship... but is considered worship?

Pr. Fisk isn't the only one confused, I am as well. How is worship that is not worship, explained to the kids?

Oh, so you are not confused, I have attended national events. I had a hard time explaining to parents how the kids throwing beach balls and streamers in what is called non-worship worship is not acceptable but we should be accepting of the practice if others felt moved to do so.

Did you find the liturgical use for thundersticks in the event edifying? Did you encourage the kids to throw streamers during worship. Did you admonish the ones that did? Did you know that every gathering over the last decade this went on?

How are the kids learning and growing in the Christian faith if they are encouraged to behave the same way in worship as they do at a ball game?

Kathi, I watched much of each of the mass events each night via streaming online.

My reaction was much the same as Pastor Fisk's.

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