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Wednesday, June 04, 2008 

Mini Symposia Dealing With The Means Of Grace

I was asked last week to participate in something of a mini-symposium on the Means of Grace and the relationship of the efficacy of the Gospel outside the Means to the teaching Office of the Holy Ministry when looked through the lens of Romans 10:14-18.

So, it’s like what every slack jawed yokel sits around on a Saturday blabbering about. It is… ain’t it?


Hey, Cletus!

What's this about the efficacy of the Gospel outside of the means of grace? Huh?

Rev. Lovejoy

That’s the question isn’t it? At issue is really what happens outside the means of grace even when the means are pointed to.

Two examples; first, evangelism when it points back to Christ and His gifts as the means, is that efficacious? Second example; when I teach Sunday school, even when I point to Christ and His gifts as the means, is that efficacious in any promised way?

Oh, one more thing, Kletus is spelled with a K in these here parts ;-)

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