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Tuesday, June 10, 2008 

“Every Time I Start My Truck, A Polar Bear Dies”

Before our youth group’s Sunday night Bible study we got talking about all things automotive. I found that some things will never change and teenagers will always have a fascination with cars that go too fast and that are way too expensive.

Our only girl attending the study made the statement that she hates driving. If she did drive she explained, she would drive a Prius and not anything like the Buick Roadmaster with wood panel siding like dear ole dad. She’s very concerned about the environment.

Upon hearing this, another student of mine made the comment “Every time I start my truck, a polar bear dies.” He explained his thirty year old jeep gets six miles a gallon. Ouch!

After talking about cars for a bit we discussed the perpetual virginity of Mary, a doctrine of the Roman Catholic Church and why the cult of saints is popular in the evangelism of Africa.

Following our usual meal of pizza, we played Apples to Apples: Bible Edition and I learned that the Helmet of Salvation is not always a wild card as had been previously assumed.

There are some people in my congregation that think it is the elected members of the Board of Youth that generate the enthusiasm that I see at our Sunday night studies. This is simply not the case. The folks that think that could not be more wrong and as many times as I try to explain it to them, I don’t think they will ever get it. I wish everybody could see the results of, to borrow a little Higher Things lingo, youth that dare to be Lutheran.


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