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Monday, May 19, 2008 

Valerie Update

Well, this about two weeks overdue…

My favorite niece, Valerie, has completed all the full length courses necessary for her to be placed in a parish as a deaconess intern. She’s been placed in a wonderful congregation just outside Chicago and is really looking forward to all the new challenges of the upcoming year.

But before she moves into her new digs, she’s home with her family for a quick break. Her and her uncle have been getting yelled at during the Friday night for disrupting the Bible study with snide comments and tomfoolery when they should have been quite and listening. Oh well, but I really have to wonder where she picked that kind of obnoxious behavior, hmm, who knows...

Anyhoo, next weekend she’ll be out of town going attending a wedding, but the weekend after her aunt and I have Valerie for an unsupervised Saturday extravaganza!

Depending on how the day goes we, her aunt and I, may just seek full custody of Valerie for the remainder of her time here. It’s our opinion that the family shouldn’t be bogarting Valerie, that’s just wrong, it’s wrong! I’ll keep ya’ll updated.


OK lets try not to fight over me. We will see what happens at the end of Saturday.

Your aunt and I only want what’s best for you ;-)

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