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Wednesday, May 07, 2008 

News To Me..

Hey, am I the only one who didn’t know that during the primaries, a name can't just be penciled in on the ballot? I went to vote yesterday and my candidate, Laura Roslin, wasn’t on the ballot. If I didn’t like the choices given my only option was to fill in the no preference spot. Uh, I have a preference and it wasn’t any of the hacks listed. For crying out loud I went in with a camera to take a picture of my completed ballot… and to prove it was my ballot, I even wore the Ablaze! bracelet that I got at one of my little mission meetings for the picture!

I left yelling something to the effect that I had been disenfranchised and that my vote didn’t count! Of course all this accomplished was the raising of eyebrows and ire of the geriatric crowd looking to vote their happy selves a new retirement center. Oh well, I’ll have another chance to add her name in November, I think.

Wow, you were loud enough that THEY could hear you!!?

‘ole Longeye, As you well know by your first hand observations of my behavior during prior voting processes ... I make it a point to be heard by all that I've been disenfranchised! It was no different this past Tuesday. The only “trick” I didn’t pull out was yelling that somebody was giving away free coupons for Shoney’s down at the existing retirement center. That’s a sure way to drive down turnout at any election.

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