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Friday, May 30, 2008 

Pirate Christian Radio

Gee, I go away for one day and look what I miss; Pastor Todd Wilken and and Jeff Schwarz of Issues, Etc. fame announcing their return to an all new and independent Christ centered, Gospel driven talk radio program.

"Jeff and I have been working hard on a new radio show. What will it be like? Well, we’re going to pick up right where Issues, Etc. left off. And at the same time, we’re going to be truly independent, free to speak, no holds barred. As always, Christ-centered, cross-focused. Everything you loved about Issues, Etc., and more." Folks, it’s coming back."

Oh yeah!

At the link above there is information provided to support the new program by making a secure online donation to Lutheran Public Radio. And unlike your grandfather’s synod, there is an additional link for the purpose of Full Financial Transparency. Just try and find out where your congregation's money goes after you send it off to the district or synod and you’ll see the importance of that previously mentioned transparency thingy.

Now is the time to see if people will support a radio program that isn’t sanctioned by our beloved synod. The first thing that comes to mind when I wonder that myself, is the amount of support that Higher Things gets. Clearly there is precedence for such support. I for one, want such a clear witness to the Gospel in a radio and podcast format and will put my money where my mouth is today. To do otherwise would be rather hypocritical of me as the whole reason I started this little blog was to poke fun at Ablaze! by pointing out the lack of the Gospel message and the promotion of Madison Avenue style marketing for growing the church.

My check gets written today and I hope yours does as well.


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