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Sunday, May 04, 2008 

He’s Already A Commander

Ok, my state’s primaries are here… One of the good things I think that is happening in the Haut South is that third party folks are getting a closer look as well as a lot more support from those who would normally support the republican party. I myself am going to vote for Laura Roslin. But it’s good to know that if I really want to think outside the box; there’s always the Destro candidacy. Yep, it’s good to know that there are options besides Clinton, McCain, and Obama.

We now return you to your regularly scheduled program…

Unfortunately, he's already lost the fundamentalist Cobra movement, seeing as how he decided to use the name of the guy in the black suit with the silver mask, rather than just calling himself Cobra Commander. :)

Dan, Dan, Dan, I’m not saying I’m supporting Destro, I’m a Roslin guy myself as you know. All I am saying is that it’s good that there are other choices out there for people to throw their support behind. And let’s be honest, he’s got a fully functional weather dominator, that’s a checkmark in the “oh yeah, he’s got my vote because that is so cool” column!

I'm writing in someone who will fight for freedom wherever there's trouble. Yes, it's the Flint/Lady J ticket. And if there is going to be a debate, we have to have Hector Ramirez (host of 20 Questions) mediate it!

My dearest niece, I don’t believe you’ll be writing anything in, you don’t have opposable thumbs… Furthermore, I think the polling stations are requiring IDs and I don’t think that your rabies vaccination card will suffice.

Oh, no, Uncle Frank - anyone can stagger in and vote nowadays. I didn't have any problems.

The person in front of me WAS asked to show her ID... weird. Perhaps the person who gave you your ballot just liked dogs.

Or thought I was an illegal alien...

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