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Monday, September 11, 2006 

Post Number 100!

Wow, this is my one hundredth post! While that is not a big deal to most, it sure is to me. Last year, I was only reading a few blogs here and there and didn’t even know how to post a comment. And now…well you know.

One of the neatest things for me over the last year is getting to know new friends that I didn’t know were out there. As a confessional Lutheran I think the tendency is to just assume that we are all alone out in the world. But that of course is just our old Adam, our sinful nature, rearing his ugly head. I know that the Word of the Lord endures forever no matter what we do as sinful creatures to mold Christ and His Church to what we would have it be. With American evangelicalism in the state it is, and with Lutherans racing to become more and more PentaBaptiMethoCostal, it’s easy to look inward to our faults instead of looking to the Church eternal.

And it is through this whole blogging thing that I really have gained almost a renewed sense of hope. I get to hear God’s word spoken purely through his call and ordained servants week after week. I count myself blessed to receive the sacrament of the Eucharist administered rightly. But when I look at what’s going on around me, especially in the way of missions, it’s just enough to make me scream.

But through this whole blogging thingy, I get to read like minded pastors and confessional laity both. This has shown me that I’m not on an island, I’m a member of Christ’s Church and I’m not and never was alone. Over the past ten months, I’ve made new old friends with Burrs, Swedes, Geeks, Beasts, and Aardvarks just to name a few. I just think it’s too cool to be able to be able meet or converse with folks that, while we’ve maybe never met, I truly count as brothers and sisters!

And none of this would have been possible without the help of MorningGlory2. MorningGlory2 is the person who first helped me to set up my blog. So you see, it’s really all her fault! Her site is a little bit of everything from property rights to border security. There is not much Lutheran (as she isn’t Lutheran) there but she is always a good read!

And finally, I wish to thank everyone that has commented on this blog or wrote to me. All of you have made this "new" obsession of mine fun. Thank you so much again!

A fine blogoversary. Keep up the good work. :)

Thanks Dan! Necessary Roughness is always a daily read.

i have just started 2 new blogs but have over 300 posts on one and about 50 on the other. They may not be your cup of tea i do try to keep them as a family site but i got a lil nuts on some posts.I was interested in this blog as i live in anchorage. "A Rabid Mushroom"is my starting blog so take a look if uwant to- i have tremendous faith and am also a lutheran.

Nice job, blaming me! I know I've created a monster.

Seriously, you're doing a great job of getting the word (or is that Word?) out to your fellow Lutherans, and all the credit belongs to you. All I did was plant the seed.

Thanks for the plug!


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